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N. Witherspoon

Steve and his team got my mortgage down from $3,609 to $2,855 and got me over 

$35,000 in principal forgiveness!

Steven S.

Chris and his direct lender got my mortgage refinanced to $1,232 a month from over $1850 a month.  They combined my 1st and 2nd mortgage into one loan. Took a little longer then expected, but they got it done!

Elizabeth C.

My mortgage adjusted with SPS and I couldn't refinance but somehow Gray got them them to put me into a fixed rate loan and get my payments reduced by over $530 a month.

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Mathew P.

Being a US Veteran I take my duties seriously and Mike got me a list of things I needed to do to get my mortgage modified. Mike pulled off the impossible for me. He is a real stand up guy, he and his company are highly recommended, they got me from $3,940 to $2,451


Michael got me from $5,508 a month down to $3,985. Lastly, send us a copy of your business card so we can add it to our referral network! Sending us your friends and family is the biggest compliment you can give us!

maxwell f.

I was very skeptical, I was on the fence, but happy about my decision.. $5,986 was what I was paying every month. Joey helped me get it down to $2,794. I am now saving $3,192 a month. Oh and I tried doing this myself before too, no luck. Cudos Joey, cudos.



Being a Chief Operating Officer of several different companies, you understand how a business is ran. I was offered help by a few different companies, all wanted to charge me upfront and all had cheaper fee than these guys, but what was different about new vision was they worked on a performance basis and their fee was only due if they got me an acceptable offer.  I went from $3,406 to $2725 a month.

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